Conservation Success Stories Around the State

What are YOU doing this weekend?

This Friday and Saturday there will be a multitude of FREE public events aimed at celebrating conservation success in Georgia thanks to the State Wildlife Grants Program which is celebrating its’ ten year anniversary this year. No matter what you are into or where you are in Georgia, you can find adventure. Here is a brief overview:

Ohoopee Dunes Natural Area

Named one of the Top Ten Places to see before you die by former AJC columnist Charles Seabrook, this is one place that you have to see to believe. There will be two events. A presentation given by botanist Mincy Moffett at the Southeastern Technical College on Friday and a Guided Hike of the Natural Area on Saturday. More information can be found courtesy of the Swainsboro Forest Blade here or the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division Website here.

Sea Turtle Conservation – Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island

If you love sea turtles and plan on being on the Georgia Coast this Friday, then head over to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center for a presentation on sea turtle conservation in Georgia given by DNR’s sea turtle program coordinator, Mark Dodd. He will also be highlighting some of his recent experiences in the gulf as he worked with a team of specialists to assess the plight of sea turtles impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Space is limited so get there early. The presentation begins at 7:00p.m. You can find out more information on there Facebook page here.

Privet Pull Workday at Panola Mountain State Park

Hate invasive plants? Feel like they are taking over? Join a group of like-minded folks at Panola Mountain State Park in Stockbridge from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.  2600 Ga. Hwy. 155, SW  Stockbridge, GA 30281

  • DNR Park’s Chuck Gregory and Louise Todd will lead work party to eradicate invasive privet and restore native grasslands at park.
  • Dress comfortably for working outdoors.  Bring a water bottle, snacks, work gloves, and hand saw (if you have one).
  • Pre-registration is required.  Participants will be required to fill out a liability release form in order to volunteer.
  • Directions.  Meet at Panola’s nature center, off Ga. Hwy. 155 in Stockbridge.  Visit to find detailed maps (scroll to the bottom).
  • For more info and to pre-register, call Panola Mountain State Park  ~ 770.389.7801.

Doerun Guided Bog Walk

I have to say, that you haven’t truly lived until you have taken a walk in one of the most under-appreciated but most beautiful habitats we have here in Georgia, the bog. So if you plan to be in the area, consider taking the guided bog walk. You’ll need water, snacks and comfortable shoes for sure. And who knows, you just may catch the itch to come back and do a little restoration work (what we call “swamping”) of your own! More info can be found here.

Bog Turtle Conservation at Chattahoochee Nature Center

What is more fun than gazing in wonder at these adorable baby bog turtles? You can learn all about the Head start program that helps to conserve and protect the smallest turtles in North America as DNR herpetologist Thomas Floyd walks you through the entire program while giving you a first hand look at both these new “boglets” as well as  few adults in the program. Find out more about how you can join in the fun by clicking here.

About Kristina Summers

I am a borderline Gen-Xer with one foot perpetually in the fire. I started the blog Dancing to the Music in My Head as an alternative to my professional blog, which limits the boundaries I can push with my creative content. Now nine years later I can be found posting almost daily on any one of the five blogs I manage so be sure to look around, you're bound to find something of interest. Topics range from conservation ecology and carnivorous plants to developing teaching methods with new media and nearly everything in between. I am married to D and have three awesome rugrats. I love being outside more than anything rain or shine. I am a little quirky but believe that it makes life much more interesting. Got a question? I'd love to try and answer it.
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