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A day of collecting, Pitcherplants Galore!

My grad school adventures continue as I conducted a full day of field work yesterday, my first since I was finally able to get the boot off my foot. I met up with Nongame Botanist Lisa Kruse and Suzi Mersman … Continue reading

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Want to See Wildlife, Watch The Water

All water sources offer a ton of observation opportunities as well as a chance to get wet, and what kid doesn’t want to get wet with temperatures soaring into the 90’s these days? Continue reading

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The Moon is Bright, Take a Walk and Learn!

Although most kids are fast asleep (or at least well hidden under sheets with flashlights, books and/or handheld games) by the time the moon has risen to it’s rightful place in the night sky, with summer upon us it may be the time to keep them up after hours to take a walk in the moonlight and learn about what goes on in our nocturnal world. Continue reading

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