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I am a borderline Gen-Xer with one foot perpetually in the fire. I started the blog Dancing to the Music in My Head as an alternative to my professional blog, which limits the boundaries I can push with my creative content. Now nine years later I can be found posting almost daily on any one of the five blogs I manage so be sure to look around, you're bound to find something of interest. Topics range from conservation ecology and carnivorous plants to developing teaching methods with new media and nearly everything in between. I am married to D and have three awesome rugrats. I love being outside more than anything rain or shine. I am a little quirky but believe that it makes life much more interesting. Got a question? I'd love to try and answer it.

A Real Resolution For the New Year – Reduce Your FootPrint

Every year people around the world make dozens of promises, often with the best of intentions in mind, only to break them less than six weeks later as the reality of crazy work schedules, children’s extracurricular activities, cranky spouses and … Continue reading

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The Conservation Conversation

Not long ago I was contacted by a representative of the U.S. Forest Service. She was looking for someone who would agree to come out to a conference for communications professionals within their agency that was to be held in … Continue reading

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The Teacher Becomes the Student

This post was originally written in the spring of 2011 and for some reason never published. I am now sharing it with you. For the last two semesters I have served however humbly as a lowly graduate assistant at the University … Continue reading

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The Scifund Challenge

Recently I took part in a unique opportunity that really changed how I will approach science from now on; or at least how I approach the funding of it. As a graduate student I am perpetually poor. I am either … Continue reading

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Defending What You Are Passionate About

I have been involved in conservation work in one form or another for the past ten years. I have to say that more than anything else the part that I dislike the most has always been having to raise money. … Continue reading

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The Colors of Fall

Fall has taken a firm foothold in the south and the evidence is beautiful. Rusty reds, vibrant oranges and sunny yellows paint every hillside with the bright canvas of autumn. Now is the time for lazy walks in the woods, … Continue reading

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Sharks, Snakes, Spiders….OH MY!

There are many creatures that over time have received a bad rap. They are feared, avoided and disposed of (often with extreme prejudice) when encountered. But where does the fear come from? I believe it is primarily from the lack … Continue reading

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Ancient, Awesome Predators who’ve gotten a bad rap.

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ACI 2011 – Conservation in 3D

The 74th annual Association for Conservation Information (ACI) conference was held in Cincinnati, Ohio where guests from at least a dozen states gathered at the historic Cincinnati Netherlands’ Plaza Hilton established in 1931. One of the tallest buildings in the … Continue reading

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A day of collecting, Pitcherplants Galore!

My grad school adventures continue as I conducted a full day of field work yesterday, my first since I was finally able to get the boot off my foot. I met up with Nongame Botanist Lisa Kruse and Suzi Mersman … Continue reading

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