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I am a borderline Gen-Xer with one foot perpetually in the fire. I started the blog Dancing to the Music in My Head as an alternative to my professional blog, which limits the boundaries I can push with my creative content. Now nine years later I can be found posting almost daily on any one of the five blogs I manage so be sure to look around, you're bound to find something of interest. Topics range from conservation ecology and carnivorous plants to developing teaching methods with new media and nearly everything in between. I am married to D and have three awesome rugrats. I love being outside more than anything rain or shine. I am a little quirky but believe that it makes life much more interesting. Got a question? I'd love to try and answer it.

Want to See Wildlife, Watch The Water

All water sources offer a ton of observation opportunities as well as a chance to get wet, and what kid doesn’t want to get wet with temperatures soaring into the 90’s these days? Continue reading

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The Moon is Bright, Take a Walk and Learn!

Although most kids are fast asleep (or at least well hidden under sheets with flashlights, books and/or handheld games) by the time the moon has risen to it’s rightful place in the night sky, with summer upon us it may be the time to keep them up after hours to take a walk in the moonlight and learn about what goes on in our nocturnal world. Continue reading

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Got an Idea? Get it ON your Chest!

This week’s adventure is actually a profile of one my favorite conservationists, someone who is out there making change on a day-to-day basis. This  installment is from T-shirt creator and conservationist, Duncan Carson Founder of Ban T-Shirts which are quickly … Continue reading

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Beginning Anew

When I lost my job a few weeks back, I was convinced for a time that I had lost my identity. Not because of the type of job I did per Se and not because of how I lost it, … Continue reading

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Community Welcomes Critically Endangered Right Whales With Songs, Laughter & Education

Right Whale Festival 2010: Huge Success! Hosted in Jacksonville, FL for the second year in a row, the event could only be referred to as an amazing follow-up to the break-out attempt in 2009 of combining education for the critically … Continue reading

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Rivers Alive: Kickin’ it to The Curb For Clean Water

October 9, 2010     For the second year in a row the dedicated  boys from Boy Scout Troop 789 in Statham, Georgia donned gloves and boots and came armed with industrial grade trash bags and a ton of feisty … Continue reading

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Oil, Orchids and Opportunity: Plant Conservation in Georgia

Some of the best adventures I have had since I started working in conservation PR have involved the group that I got to spend time with today, the Georgia Plant Conservation Alliance (GPCA). This group, formed out of the need … Continue reading

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Conservation Success Stories Around the State

What are YOU doing this weekend? This Friday and Saturday there will be a multitude of FREE public events aimed at celebrating conservation success in Georgia thanks to the State Wildlife Grants Program which is celebrating its’ ten year anniversary … Continue reading

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From the Corporate Jungle to the Real Thing!

My post this week comes from Kevin Peterson, a former member of corporate America and the current CEO and founder of The Eco Preservation Society International… The following are questions he answered about his own adventures in the conservation world. Continue reading

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Summer time is Outreach season!

One of the most important and interesting (and arguably the most fun) aspects of a job in conservation PR has to be doing outreach. It can also be be one of the most hectic. Continue reading

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